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    This Week at Mt Olive

    This Week with Mt. Olive

    Wednesday night worship for Lent. Join us in Heritage Hall.

    6:30pm we’ll begin with Holy Art

    7:00pm we’ll continue with Table Worship (this week’s theme: Lamentations, Grief and Sorrow)

    The 40 day Lenten journey brings us to some interesting and mysterious places. This past Sunday we heard from Jesus about foxes and hens and baby chicks. This coming Sunday we hear of mystery and warnings and a tower falling on people and a fig tree, fertilizer and thirst quenching water among other things. Whew! All kinds of images, stories, and symbols that speak about life and God and people and things that sometimes just make us go…huh?

    But in the middle of all of those things, mysteries unfold, God speaks, truth is discovered, thirst is quenched, we get glimpses of who God made us to be, and more. Come and join us on this 40 day journey as we gather Wednesdays and Sundays at 8:30 and 10:45am, with Sunday school at 9:45am.

    Lent is an important 40 day journey, and better when we do it together.

    This weekend Mt. Olive youth (Mary Langan, Meadow Frye, Simon Frye, Matt Cook, Robert Keck, Allison Tice, Katie Tice, Kayla Seabock, Caleb Hedgepeth, Peyton Gibbs, Leaci Brice, Drake Brookshire, Grace Brrokshire) and chaperones (Heather Langan, Jodi Jabs, Jeff Tice) will join 600 other Lutheran youth and adults from the NC Synod at the LYO retreat in Greensboro. Keep them in your prayers and they travel, learn, and celebrate life in Christ!

    This Saturday, Mt. Olive is hosting a NC Synod “Bold Like Jesus” workshop. Lift up the participants of that event in your prayers. For more information or to attend, contact Pastor Dave.

    Bring your “Have a Heart” food bags to church this month. We are collecting food for CCM’s food pantry. Thank you!

    See you in church! Pastor Dave

    Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
    2780 N. Center St.
    Hickory, NC