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    This Week at Mt Olive

    This Week with Mt. Olive

    Its time to “Spring Forward”!

    So, move your clocks ahead on Saturday night, or be late for church on Sunday! (This is the time change we pastors have nightmares about…forgetting to change our clocks and coming in late for church!) May you have a blessed week as the days lengthen and we are more than half way through these 40 days.

    Christian Sympathy to Tara Rink and her family on the death of her mother, Lisa Rink, on March 6.
    Christian Sympathy to Van Seabock and family on the death of his aunt.

    Sunday, March 13
    8:30a Worship
    9:45a Sunday School
    10:45a Worship
    12pm Worship and Music Committee Meeting
    6pm Congregation Council

    Isaiah 43:16-21 Thus says the Lord…. “I will make a way…”

    Psalm 126 “We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.” (v. 6)

    Philippians 3:4b-14 Paul writes: “Christ Jesus has made me his own.”

    John 12:1-8 Mary anointed Jesus’ feet…. the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.

    Some ponderings as we move toward Sunday:
    Isaiah 43: Where to you feel like you need the Lord to “make a way” for you? What do you need help in getting through?

    Psalm 126 looks back at what God has done, and then it looks ahead with faith, prayer, and trust that God will give blessings again.

    Paul’s letter uses his own faith story as an example….what would you say about your own faith journey if you were writing it? Would you say, as Paul does, that “Christ Jesus made me his own.”?!

    John 12 has some tension in it about our gifts and our offerings – costly perfume… ‘wasted’ on Jesus instead of being sold and the money given to the poor. How will you use your gifts? Who gets to decide how our offerings to Jesus are used?

    See you in church! Pastor Dave

    Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
    Sunday Worship: 8:30am and 10:45am. Sunday school: 9:45am.
    2780 N. Center St.
    Hickory, NC