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    Kid’s Korner Music for April 26-May 2

    This week, I sent the Kid’s Korner music families some links to my music trainer’s music videos. I have learned a lot from her and hope you have fun with Lynn and her kids! Please feel free to share this with other preschool families! Sorry for the adverts – you’ll need to skip over them.

    The Waves Song: You need something like pom-poms to shake for the water.

    Stormy Day: You need a tambourine or drum. https://youtu.be/2NPsVhpG1dw

    5 Little Speckled Frogs https://youtu.be/2NPsVhpG1dw

    Beats with Bears: You need teddy bears and a scarf. https://youtu.be/n7-fM1dyahw

    Allegro the Mouse: If you don’t have a stuffed mouse animal, use another animal & pretend it’s a mouse! https://youtu.be/QvaJIr0o33M

    Come My Friends (Goodbye Song) https://youtu.be/pC1N12EM6vw

    Try this for a fun music activity: Water Drums Activity You need big metal and plastic bowls and some large wooden or metal spoons and a grownup to help you.

    Much love from Ms. Lynne at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Hickory!