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    Revised Drive-In Worship Guidelines

    Drive-in Worship Guidelines (Revised 8-19-20)

    Please tune your car radio to 97.7 FM.

    Worship will last 20-30 minutes.

    Wear your comfy clothes (no one will know if you show up in your pajamas!), bring your favorite snacks, and settle in for worship.

    Important instructions:

    • Please keep your windows up for the entire service. If windows are opened, then worship for everyone ends.
    • Please stay in your vehicle while at church – before, during and after worship.
    • Please park in the lot with your vehicle facing the pastor.
    • There are no printed bulletins due to concern for your health. Bring your personal copy of the ELW.
      1. Or find a digital copy at “Mt. Olive Lutheran – Hickory” Facebook group page, http://www.mtolutheran.org, or via email.
      2. During the prayers, please lift up names and concerns. Also, share names and concerns with Pastor Ryan before worship through a comment on Facebook or by email: rray001@luthersem.edu.
    • Offerings are not collected during the service. But thank you for sharing your gifts by:
      1. Mailing to the church
      2. Placing in the locked mailbox outside Karen’s office
      3. Donating online at http://www.mtolutheran.org
    • Please leave your car running for A/C, but if you turn it off, please make sure it will start again following worship.

    Thank you for helping us to remain safe during worship together!