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    September 9: Back to Church Day!

    Mt. Olive is looking forward to Sunday, September 9 as “Back to Church” Day. This will be the beginning of many engaging autumn activities, as well as the beginning of a sermon series that you will not want to miss.

    Central to all that we do is our weekly worship – partaking of the Lord’s Supper together and sharing authentic opportunities to know God intimately through our relationships with one another and with the Creator of all life.

    Visitors are invited to join in our faith community as we explore how to be God’s love in the world. There will be many ministry opportunities to help our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • Micah’s Cupboard will prepare to help feed families during school vacations.
    • Work to feed the homeless continues all year.
    • Our quilting ladies continue their work to provide warmth for people all over the world.
    • Preparations are beginning for our Christmas shoebox project that serves children living in poverty in Pocahontas, Virginia.
    • The youth music program will kick-off our autumn, Advent, and Christmas music preparations.
    • Faith Out Loud (acoustic ensemble) and the Chancel Choir welcome you to sing with us as we move into an exciting time of the year.
    • We are preparing to welcome an interim youth minister who will lead us in many fun learning events for our youth.

    Believe. Belong. Serve. God’s work. Our hands. And everyone is welcome!