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    This Week at Mt Olive

    This Week at Mt Olive
    Sunday, Feb 21 The 2nd Sunday in Lent
    8:30am Worship
    9:45am Sunday school
    10:45am Worship
    2-4pm KAMO (Kids at Mt Olive) Event at Skateland in Newton.
    6:00pm Council Meeting
    Thursday, February 18, Commemoration of Martin Luther, renewer of the church, died on this day in 1546. Though he began his adult church life as a simple Augustinian monk, Luther challenged the abuses he saw in the church, and his work eventually led to the Protestant Reformation. Luther’s accomplishments included liturgical reform, translation of the Bible, and creation of the Small and Large Catechisms.
    We continue our journey through Lent. Scripture readings this Sunday contain images of God such as:
    Genesis 15:1 God is a “shield.”
    Psalm 27:1 God is a “light.”
    Philippians 3:19 for the enemies of the cross of Christ, “their god is the belly.”
    Luke 13:34 Jesus/God is like a mother “hen who gathers her brood under her wings.”