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    This Week at Mt Olive Happy Epiphany!

    This week we celebrate the Epiphany of our Lord! Epiphany means the manifestation or the revealing to all the world of Jesus as the Christ, God’s only Son.  Matthew 2 tells us that this good news was revealed to wise men or magi or kings from a far away land, and they came to worship Christ, the newborn King.  Epiphany calls us always to be on the lookout for how God reveals God’s self to us- through a baby, through a star, through candlelight, through gifts given to those in need, and through other mysterious, marvelous, loving grace-filled ways.  Around the world Epiphany traditions include the giving of gifts, children dressing up like kings and going caroling door-to-door and receiving gifts from each house for their efforts (a little bit like Halloween?), and in some countries the Day of Epiphany is a national holiday with government offices, schools, and businesses closed.

    Worship Wednesday

    January 6 at 6:30p

    Mt Olive Sanctuary

    Holden Evening Prayer

    “Star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright. . . lead us to they perfect Light.”


    Sunday, January 10

    The Second Great Epiphany, the Baptism of our Lord.

    Installation of Congregation Council during both worship times.

    9:45am Sunday school for all ages, including a meeting with Confirmation Students and Parents

    6:00p Congregation Council meeting, Heritage Hall