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    This Week at Mt Olive Sept 8

    This Week at Mt Olive September 8
    Good Morning Everyone!! I hope you are having a wonderful week. We have been busy gearing up for many wonderful things that will begin happening this weekend!
    Please keep Cory Seabock and Samanatha Job in your prayers as they will be married here at Mt Olive on Saturday. May their marriage be a blessing from God and to God, to their families, and to the community. Many years of happiness to Cory and Samantha!!
    On Sunday we will be having a very busy day. We will worship at 8:30a and 10:45a. Worship will be followed by a potluck lunch at noon. Please bring a favorite dish to share.
    We will then begin the “God’s work, Our hands” activities at 1pm. There will be activities inside and outside the building for all abilities and ages. Please join us!! (Please note the packing of the LWR school kits will not begin until 3:30p but there will be other activities happening before this.) If you plan to work with us outside, please bring tools such as wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, tree trimming saws, week whackers, gloves, and long sleeves. (Sunscreen, bug spray and hats are also great things to bring.) We will be clearing underbrush, trimming trees, repairing the benches in the worship space and moving mulch. Water stations and first aid kits will be available
    We will conclude our time of service with a short worship service at 4pm outside.
    Also on Sunday WELCA will be meeting and the Social Ministry Committee meeting will be at 5pm.
    Next week begins a new year of activities:
    Tuesday will be the Men’s Morning Bible Study at 7a and the Women’s Bible Study from 1-2p.
    Walking WET (Wednesday Evenings Together) will begin with dinner at 5:30p followed by learning and music rehearsals.
    And next Sunday we will begin a new school year of Sunday School!
    Please plan to join us this Sunday and next week!! See you soon!!